The real Little Green Man from Mars is alive and well and living in Appalachia.

The Truth Is a Lone Assassin by Jonco Bugos

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Pennsylvania Power Walk"

Science fiction author Michael Casher was a Martian in his previous life. But now the real "Little Green Man from Mars" is alive and well and living in Appalachia. And, after all these years on Earth, he still has trouble controlling those human legs. Maybe it's the Pennsylvania climate or maybe it's his age. Or maybe it's just those damn dollar-store sneakers.

Author's Note 09-17-13: I just re-uploaded this video for the third or fourth time since I posted it here because it wouldn't play on any browser this evening. Google periodically removes my uploaded videos for their perverse pleasure (why else would they do it?) and I have to re-upload them, whenever I happen to notice that they're not playing. Then they work again. Then Google (who owns and misuses Blogger and everything and everyone at Blogger) does it again on another blog. Just for fun. Then I chase my tail again. Then they get their rocks off again. Then we play a waiting game again. It's no way to run a planet.