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Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Summer Reading

I know it's only early May but, for me, school's already out for the summer. That means I need a big break from blogging. A permanent break. So, here's your summer reading. Sorry, I couldn't make it a vertical list but the new Blogger interface makes it impossible to add a picture (like me) to a post and have justified paragraphs and centered lists at the same time.

Last year I could do that but now I can't. Well, I'm finally done blogging here at — and everywhere else on the Internet — and all these posts will soon be incorporated into an updated Kindle eBook, replacing the old Four Bloggers of the Apocalypse. Then this blog will be a maintained for as long as I can maintain it. My sidebar and footer content may change but I don't intend to write new posts. Now you see why I desperately need a long summer vacation. I feel like a half-dead horse that's still being beaten. OK, here's your summer reading list:

Another reason I'll be giving up blogging is because Google has screwed up the Blogger interface so bad that it now takes me almost two hours to write and post a single entry. Blogger was the best blogging platform on the Web and now it's the worst, thanks to Google, who couldn't care less what I think. Well, I've got other things to do. In fact, just about anything else. Google screwed up Blogger, YouTube and Picasa, by buying them and then bitching them up. Even the Chrome browser is bitched up. It can't process Shockwave data AT ALL. But, if you don't use Google's Chrome browser, you won't be able to use Blogger, YouTube or Picasa without a shitload of log-in and other problems. What horseshit. Let me parrot a great Nineties line: I'm outta here.

And, yep, it's almost impossible to control the fonts on your blog posts. Notice how the first paragraph of this post is one line too low. That happens a lot, on a lot of my blog, regardless of the template I use. I can't fix it, either. It seems to me that Google puts in whatever saves them space on their servers. Pooh on that crap. And, yep, you got it, Jack. This is my last post. Too bad. It could have been a lot of fun.