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Monday, January 3, 2011

"Tapper 3"

"Tapper" Exposed !!!

Little Green Man presents the third installment in the "Tapper" series. In this video, redneck yarn spinner, Tapper, gets pie-eyed and blabs his baby-boomer head off about his alien abduction experiences. Dirty bastard bartender Bert gets Tapper's face in this video, despite slurred protests from a disgruntled Tapper.

Did Tapper say too much or is he still full of it? You decide.

Click here for Tapper 2, the second Tapper video.

Author's Note 4-23-14: Don't even waste your time trying to watch this video on Chrome. Your biggest obstacle will be Google. It will hang, freeze, and the feed will even withdraw. Also, this video is an uploaded video to Blogger. It does not exist at YouTube because I did not upload it to YouTube. Most of my humorous videos contain "serious humor" and this one is no exception. To help you understand why I did the "Tapper" video  series, you might want to look at some related posts on some of my other blogs here at Blogger :

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say "hi" to all you lurking hybrids and draco minions and all your lurking human "property", the ones who'd rather feather your dark-souled "caps" than spend a few bucks on hidden truths, mixed with humor and entertainment, written by me. If you think I don't see through you all, and your Cabal-supported efforts, or if you think for one moment that I'm afraid of any of you or the creepy, vile powers and personalities that you serve, you are sadly mistaken.

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