The real Little Green Man from Mars is alive and well and living in Appalachia.

The Truth Is a Lone Assassin by Jonco Bugos

Sunday, October 6, 2013

King Mike Tours His Realm

Shadows can be deceptive. "King Mike" is not wearing spike heels and a toga. Those are black, zip-up, Wellington-style boots over gray crew socks and black Hanes "sleep shorts" (worn over boxers), their front pockets stuffed with a big blue bandanna and a men's white handkerchief. Completing "the royal ensemble" are a white V-neck T-shirt and tan Wilson ball cap. The emperor's new clothes. After all, this is Pennsylvania, not Berlin or Old Saxony.

Author's Note 11-07-13: This video was uploaded by Michael Casher to Blogger. You can't watch this video at YouTube because it does not exist there. That is another Google redirect which is nothing more than a lie to get you to watch other videos at YouTube instead of the uploaded video on this blog post. This new uploaded format at Blogger was introduced in November 2013 by Google without notice to anyone.